yesterday was dustin's 27th birthday.  he had to work during the day, so we decided to celebrate it at home (part of being new parents i suppose) with a summer (err, spring) dinner bbq.  since we weren't going out, i wanted to do something special at home so i gave myself a smallish budget and set to work on a scotch and chocolate (two of his favorite things) mini dessert table.  i created a 27 out of cardboard boxes that i cut up, taped together, and wrapped in crepe paper.  the left over crepe paper was hung from the ceiling and i used wrapping paper to create the background behind the table.  i bought minis from bevmo and he got to taste four different types of scotch and rank them from most expensive to least expensive.  the table wasn't perfect (the perfectionist in me kind of died over this), but it was something fun for the two of us.