holden became obsessed with jumping.  he can go for hours and hours.  when you jump him out of the jumperoo, he wants to jump on the ground, on your lap, in the air, and everywhere.  if only jumping was a way of getting around.

holden started fake coughing all of the time.  since i've been struck down with bronchitis and am coughing 24/7, he must think that coughing is a cool thing to do.

holden is crawling a few steps at a time, before his hands and feet fly out from beneath him and he flattens like a pancake onto the ground again.

holden loves walking more than ever.  it's definitely his preferred mode of transportation right now.  he is constantly asking for your hands so that he can walk anywhere and everywhere.  after he gets where he's going, he will turn around with a huge grin on his face as he waits for you to clap and say "yaaaaaay holden!" such a big boy.

holden began spitting bubbles from his mouth.  right now i think it's cute, but that's because he doesn't have enough momentum to spray it in my face...we'll see what i'm saying about this new skill in a few weeks.