mama wore: top from random aussie shop, target pants, steve madden sandals; little man wore: amy coe onesie, minnetonka moccassins

hope you all have a good weekend.  the hubby's parents are flying up from san diego to spend a few days with holden so we will be out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather and allowing holden to get spoiled rotton.

sidenote: rarely do i venture into babys-r-us, but they are having a sale on plum baby food so i had to go.  i walked in the door and was strangely drawn to the clothing section, particularly this adorable amy coe onesie, completely throwing me off my original plan to get in and out with a few packets of food.  holden and i are currently obsessing over tanks, especially tank onesies, especially especially tank onesies with hoods.  the pirate dog with an eye patch on the front is just extra.