in august 2010, we took our vows, sealed them with a kiss, and as we walked down that aisle as husband and wife, i didn't think that i could love you any more than i did in that very instant.  and then a little over a year later, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world, and as you held him in your arms and whispered "my son", i didn't think my heart could get any fuller than it did in that very moment.  but watching you over the past 10 months with our son, my love for you has grown more than words can even begin to express.  you are a natural father and truly the definition of what a good father is.  i love watching holden attempt to emulate everything you do, always watching you ever so carefully.  it's already apparent how much he looks up to you and i have an itching suspicion that you boys are going to be two little peas in a pod.  i have to say that holden and i are both pretty lucky to have you in our lives.  happy first father's day.