we headed to san diego for the wedding of dustin's cousin this weekend, the first wedding holden has ever attended.  dustin and i were really looking forward to showing holden off to dustin's family and celebrating, but we weren't anticipating how much work having a baby at a wedding would be!  our little man has always been an extremely active child and recently he has had more energy than ever, interested in exploring (and destroying) every inch of his surroundings...which isn't really possible at a wedding. we arrived at the ceremony and as soon as it started, holden started doing an excited "ba! ba! ba!"  dustin and i quickly retreated with holden in tow and played with him in a different area of the hotel where he could squeal and giggle as loud as he liked until the ceremony was finished.  during the cocktail hour, holden was free to explore and we thought he just might deplete his energy and be ready to sit through dinner.  but two hours of a formal dinner and toasts are definitely not conducive to a wild child and dustin and i struggled to contain him, maintain conversations with the table, and eat.  needless to say, pretty sure we didn't do any one of the three very well.  we have a few more weddings coming up this summer and we definitely need a different plan of attack.  does anyone have any tips for bringing a baby to a wedding?