i have recently stumbled upon so many cute little boy brands and it's taking a lot of willpower to keep my credit card in my wallet these days.  indikidual is one of my new favorites.  there's just something about cute little monsters and patterned leggings that makes this collection irresistible.  i can just imagine the little wild man running free in these.  speaking of which, after a little over a week of walking, i expected holden to have taken off already, but earlier this week he seemed to be extremely off-balanced and could barely take a step or two without crashing to the ground.  that coupled with slight fussiness, up all night crying, and some tugging on his ear, made me suspect an ear infection.  on sunday morning, we headed to our doctor (yes, he takes appointments on the weekend!) and he confirmed my suspicions.  and after two days of antibiotics, holden has taken off, walking everywhere unassisted and walking laps around the house.  it is still surreal to think that my baby will be a year old one month from now.