hi baby boy,

although you will always be my baby, now that you are walking, you truly look like such a little boy.  even your face has changed recently, somehow removing some of the baby from you to make you look more like a little boy.  to see you tottering all over the place is fascinating.  your dada and i are so enamoured with you at the moment, even more so than ever before, something we never knew could be possible.  you are just so. much. fun...so. so. so. fun.  we love every single minute we spend with you.

you are all over the place, into everything, a constant blur of movement exploring every inch of your surroundings.  you're still our little wild child, maybe even more so now that you have learned to walk.  you are a true boy in that you you love wood chips (your absolute favorite), dirt, sticks, sand, hitting things, getting dirty, and don't mind a scrapped knee here and there.  we call you our little bam, bam.  we think that you may be a drummer when you grow up because everything that you get your hands on becomes drum sticks and anything within reach becomes the drum.  when you are excited and want to show your love, you smack our heads and our faces.  i'm know that we probably shouldn't encourage your hitting, but you do it in such a loving way that we actually find ourselves saying thank you when you do it.

you and i used to spend our days attending a bunch of different baby classes, but these days you don't really have the patience or attention span to sit and attend classes.  you would much rather be outside, free to roam and explore.  so we spend a lot of our time at parks and other outdoor museums.  i'm getting a pretty good tan this summer thanks to you.

some of your favorite things to do are play ball and golf.  you learned to throw and you could spend hours tossing it back and forth between me, your dada, your grandma (ga ga), and your uncle, although your throw often ends up behind you or dropping right at your feet (but you try so hard).  you carry your plastic golf club all around the house hitting every ball you can find.  if you can't find your golf club, you use other long sticks, shovels, and other random objects to tap balls around a room.  this makes dada so proud.  you're already such a great athlete.

you l.o.v.e. food.  you will eat anything and everything, and we pretty much let you try whatever we are eating.  you don't really have one or two favorites, you just truly love all food.  i actually can't even really think about a food that you dislike at this moment.  when something is particularly delicious, you say a big mmmmm and it is the cutest thing in the entire world.

you imitate almost every noise and every silly thing that we do, sometimes not noticing we did something until you do it afterwards.  you just recently learned to clap.  you used to swish your hands back and forth as if washing them clean of something, but you have mastered "real" clapping and i was actually kind of sad for you to stop doing that unique clap of yours.  you still love animals and are able to point them out when we ask you which is which (where is the cow, where is the frog, etc.).  you are fascinated with flowers and can spot them from a mile away, pointing and smiling.

you are such a lovebug, especially in the last week!  you are constantly giving kisses and snuggling in to the people you love.  you are still somewhat weary of strangers, especially when we are in big groups of people you don't know and then you will cling to me, not letting anyone else hold you, not even your dada.  you are definitely a mama's boy and i love it.  you still only let me put you to sleep, but because you are such a wild man during almost every minute of the day, i relish these quiet moments that we have together.

we continue to be stopped just about everywhere we go.  strangers fawn over you, no one can seem to get over how blue your eyes are, how blond your hair is, and how soft your skin is.  people have started telling me that you look like the gerber baby.  ummm, can a mama be more proud?  we've got to start your modeling career asap!

there is so much i want to tell you, so much i want to detail about the little things you do that put a smile on my face.  i don't want to forget the exact person that you are in this very moment.  i don't want to forget how sweet and caring you are and the little nuances that you make you.  i want to remember the fact that raising my eyebrows makes you giggle, or chasing after you and saying "i'm going to get you" makes you fall into a laugh attack, or that you love to hide under the sheets and jump up and down on the bed, or that you like me to switch on and off the lights so you can say on and off....i could go on and on and on.

you are the love of our lives, little man.  we love you more than you will ever know.


mama + dada