little man wearing:  h&m fur hat ($9.99), healthtex button-up from walmart ($5.98), healthtex colored jeans from walmart (from the girls department) ($8), target converse ($19.99)

almost every time there is water running in the kitchen sink, whether i'm rinsing the dishes, getting a glass of water, or washing my hands, i feel a little body mold itself against my legs, tiny hands yanking at the hem of my shirt, and a high-pitched squeak repeating "up, up, up!"  i'll look down to see holden with his arms outstretched towards me, looking longingly at the sink, knowing that he wants to sit in the sink letting the warm water run through his hands for the next hour or so.  it is usually when we are planning to head out for the day or i'm just about to start dinner that his desire to play in the sink arises and often my first instinct is to say no, we don't have time baby.  but with holden, if i ever say no to anything i always like to give him a good reason of why he can't do something.  the voice inside my head always asks "why not?"

no, holden, mama doesn't feel like watching you play in the sink for an hour never feels like a good enough reason for me.  so i always pick him up, clothes and all, and sit him in the tub of water.  he will hold his hands under the faucet, feeling the water pelt the palms of his hands surrounded by tupperware and spatulas and he is content for at least an hour.  the one single activity that can tame my little wild man for that span of time.

we don't get out until he is ready to get out, but there wasn't a true reason that we couldn't spend that hour doing exactly what he wanted to do.

like take an extra half hour to collect sticks on our way into the grocery store

or reading a handful of books in the car before buckling him in and heading to our destination,

or spend the morning playing peek-a-boo instead of getting ready for the day.

i don't ever want to be too tired,

too uninspired,

or too busy

to take a few extra minutes out of my day and do exactly what holden wants to do.

because all too soon, we grow older, we have more responsibilities and lose some of our ability to spend each and every day doing exactly what we want.