one of my favorite things about the weather cooling down is getting to snuggle under giant, puffy blankets during the night with my two loves.  i love turning the heat off and letting the room cool down to arctic temperatures, rivaling the outdoor air, with a big down comforter bearing down on top of me.  i would leave our french doors open if possible, but dustin won't let me.  he's not as big of a fan of the cold as i am.

we co-sleep with holden and despite my best efforts to keep him covered up at night, he somehow always manages to wrangle himself free from all blankets and coverings.  i've even woken up to find his arms out of his sleeves, his pajama shirt just hanging loosely around his neck.  it only just got cold in the last week or so, but none of the pajamas we have seem to be warm enough and he's been waking up more and snuggling close into my side, his frigid toes startling me awake.

and then last week we received a merino kids sleep bag and i finally found my solution.

both of my parents being from new zealand, i grew up with merino wool as the main fabric in all of my winter clothes and honestly, you will never be warmer than when you are wearing something made from merino wool.  trust me on this.

i knew that a sleep bag made from merino wool was going to be the warmest and coziest thing that i could ever put holden into...and i was right.

we have been using it for every single nap and bedtime ever since it arrived on our doorstep and holden has been sleeping sounder ever since.  i know he still loves being confined to small spaces (a lingering memory of being in the womb) and i have a feeling that the sleep bag brings him a sense of comfort in the same way that swaddling did when he was a newborn.  plus, i don't have to worry about if he's getting cold in the middle of the night.

in the mornings, when i unzip the sleep bag and his tiny toes pop out from the bottom, they are so incredibly warm that i am now secretly wishing that they made a merino adults sleep bag so i could wear one to sleep.