mama is wearing: f21 sweater, jbrand coated jeans, gojane booties

little man is wearing: beekid beanie, splendid cardigan, beekid leggings, thrifted rain boots (similar here)

this week, it finally got cold here, a dry, bitter cold that wraps its frosty fingers around your bones settling a deep chill in you that you can't quite shake despite the excessive layering.  and although i always lament about my love for outdoor play, we have been on the hunt for fun and affordable indoor activities in our area.  i came across two amazing resources, macaroni kid and red tricycle, that provide lists of daily local kids activities that are always affordable and more often than not, free!  so if you're looking for something to do with your little one today, head to these sites and see what is going on in your area.  we will be checking out a free ornament craft session at one of the local libraries this afternoon and then possibly a light festival at one of the local parks this evening.