over the weekend, we finally got around to cutting down our christmas tree.  sadly, i have failed in the christmas preparations this year, still not quite believing that we only have about a week left before it arrives.  we have still not made our travel plans, still not started christmas shopping, and only just got around to decorating the house.  i think this just means that we will be leaving our tree up until the end of january, extending our christmas well into 2013 in an effort to savor what we missed for most of december.

cutting down our tree is a tradition that we started last year with holden, something neither of us did when we were younger, but something that we want to do with holden each and every year.  although we cut it down on a christmas tree lot, a vast lot filled with identical trees that are growing only to be cut down each and every december, there is still something special about picking out your tree and chopping it down yourself.  this year, we arrived at the lot to find mostly stumps, an eerie christmas tree graveyard.  luckily, there were still a handful of trees to pick from and after finding the very best one, dustin took the saw to it, creating yet another barren stump.

now that we finally have a tree in the house, it feels a lot more like christmas.  holden is mesmerized by the lights and ornaments on the tree, reminding me of christmas as a child....pure magic.