you know when you envision the way that your holiday card will look, but then it turns out nothing like that.  like when your "O" balloon flys away the minute you step out of the car, but you think you can still salvage something (because you spent $30 on the balloons) so you attempt the photo anyways except that you're so focused on not letting the wind take the other two balloons out of your hands that it's not until you get home and look at the photos that you realize that the "J" was backwards.  oh well.  this isn't the card we ended up sending out (mostly because dustin wouldn't let me since he's the one holding the backwards "J"), but the whole experience was too funny not to share.

hope you all had a merry christmas.  this was probably one of the best christmas' of my life.  watching the delight and excitement in holden's eyes upon stepping into the living room this morning to see all of his new gifts that santa had left for him was something that i will never forget.  he was a little overwhelmed by all of his new toys, but we couldn't help ourselves from spoiling him.  we made a lot of his presents ourselves this year and it was that much more rewarding to see him enjoy them.  i wonder if he thinks that new toys will be waiting for him again tomorrow morning.