on sunday we celebrated my 29th birthday in a quieter manner than initially planned.  we had originally booked a little family getaway, but despite our best attempts to avoid it, our entire household came down with a horrible cold that we weren't able to shake in time to for my birthday celebrations so at the last minute we canceled and rescheduled our mini-vacay for later on this month.  we spent the day lazying around the house until the late hours of the afternoon when we finally emerged from the house for some exploring in the hills.  is it sad to say that perhaps the best birthday present that i received was sleeping in until 11 am? ah, how easy it is to please a mama!

do you remember when you were younger and there were certain ages that seemed like a million years away.  you were such a kid that you couldn't imagine ever reaching that age, being a real adult.

like when you were in school, your teachers seemed so old.  and then when i graduated college, a lot of my friends became teachers and i remember repeatedly marveling with them that we were of that age.  the sudden discovery that they weren't really that old.

i'm still reeling from the fact that i'm officially 29, officially one year away from the big 3-0.

because i don't feel 29.  i don't really feel like a grown-up.

but perhaps that's what living day-to-day within the magical world of childhood with your little one will do to you.  because having a little one can keep you young.

and maybe that's the best present of all.