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this is holden's happy place, his great aunt's farm.

after two hours of running around in the dirt, exploring the land, making friends with a plethora of animals, we left with a happy, hungry, tired boy who passed out the minute we closed the curtains that night and slept soundly until the morning.

for the first time in his entire life, i actually forgot that holden was with me.

in the corner of a dusty barn, a pile of dirty horse dishes, an old spoon caked with dried horse food, and a horse brush kept holden completely quiet and occupied for more than a half hour.  if you know my child, you will know that that sentence is enough to make your jaw drop.  the child that is always on the move, always wants his mama or daddy engaging with him and playing with him, is constantly moving from one thing to another, happily entertained himself stacking and unstacking the horse bowls, moving the dishes from one place to another, stirring imaginary things inside the dishes and brushing the dirt all around him.

i'm not quite sure what the secret is

because it's not like we don't give him these types of things to play with home,

but whatever it is, we will be back very soon.