mama outfit inspiration // noe & zoe bow tie // neiman marcus cashmere cardigan // stella mccartney kids shorts // crewcuts socks // converse high tops 

it's been a while since i've done any outfit inspirations for our little family, so i thought it was about time.  i am kind of obsessed with tulle and dressy skirts at the moment and adore this fun outfit above.

i've also thinking a lot about parenting methods lately.  i truly believe to each their own.  each and every person has a different view on parenting, and different parenting methods and techniques work better for different children.  i try not to judge the way that other people do things and try to remain confident in my decisions even if they sometimes go against the norm.  at the beginning of holden's life, when i was new to the whole mommy thing, i would get offended when people gave me their opinions on how i was raising my child or lectured me on what they did and how that was the best way, but today, i am 100% confident in how i am raising holden.  i know what works best for him and don't second guess myself if someone doesn't agree.

but then, this happened yesterday...

we are generally healthy eaters at our house.  i am vegetarian (the boys are not), but because of that we eat a lot of good veggies and fruit.  the only sugary food holden has had in his life thus far was his birthday cake and a handful of popsicles, but the other day, as a little treat, i took holden to get sorbet with me at a local gelato shop.  i gave holden a few bites and while feeding him a small scoop a woman walking by stopped to say hello and smile at him.  she then walked into the gelato shop herself and i didn't think anything of it.  that is until she showed back up a few minutes later to lecture me on giving my child something filled with artificial colors and sugar.

i was so much in shock in that moment that i couldn't respond.  as my mouth hung open, she walked away to go about her day as usual and i was left with a huge pit in my stomach.  despite the fact that i believe that everything in moderation is the way to live, i was crushed.  having a stranger chastise you in public is humiliating.  she made me feel bad about my choice to enjoy a little sorbet (his first ever!) with holden without knowing anything about us.

that experience has reminded me to never judge other parents, grandparents, or anyone else for that matter and their methods and views on child-rearing.  and unless someone asks, not to be overly forthcoming about my opinion on these matters because every child needs things done just a little differently.