we have been long time fans of paigelauren (holden's coming home outfit was paigelauren) and we were so incredibly excited to receive a gorgeous top and short set from their new sorbet collection.  made from 100% supima cotton, paige lauren clothing is made out of one of the softest fabrics out there, which is perfect for baby and toddler skin (especially those with sensitive skin like holden), and the fabric is so lightweight it was the perfect beach attire for our trip to half moon bay over the weekend.

for some time now, i've been wanting to start making more videos for our family.  while i tend to take a lot of pictures, i rarely take video and there are just so many things that i want to capture and remember beyond an image.  so i decided to put together a little video from our time there.  enjoy!

song: just you - the other side of love sessions