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just before you cross over the bay towards the westward peninsula, there's a dirt path that runs along the coastline, meandering through wetlands and marsh.  every time i cross the san mateo bridge (usually on our way to the airport), i look over that the vast open space of tall reeds and murky pockets of water and wonder what it's all about.  so one day, i decided to head that direction and with holden on my back, we set off to see what the salt marsh was all about.

holden and i spend a lot of time exploring areas where strollers won't make it.  rough terrain, up and down steep hills, and off the beaten path explains our adventures.  and although holden loves to run ahead and explore on his own for half the time, he usually putters out just before we've turned around to head back home, which is why carriers have been a saving grace for me.

now that he is almost two, it's not quite as easy for me to carry this boy of mine on my small frame and i'm always interested in trying different carriers to see what will give me the most back support.  we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out the stokke mycarrier.  while the mycarrier was a little more complicated to get into than some of the other carriers i've tried, it is well worth it because it was by far the most supportive i've ever worn (and i've probably tried every single carrier out there).  it's often hard on my body to carry around 25 pounds for an extended period of time, but i had no problem hiking through the wetlands for miles with holden high and dry on my back.  there's a steel bar that you insert into the carrier when putting it together and it seemed to make all of the difference.  he felt so much lighter in this carrier than others and my back didn't feel the strain i'm used to after ten minutes of toddler wearing.  holden was comfortable and content and it's just an added bonus that this carrier comes in a gorgeous, bold red color.