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despite living in the city for over three years, i never really took the time to explore china town of san francisco.  however, on our quest to keep our cast-ridden boy happy, we thought we would take an hour or two to walk through this unique part of the city and see what we could find.  we parked in one of the garages and headed out on the streets with no real agenda in mind.  we didn't arrive until the early evening so a lot of the food shops were closing down, and although we were initially disappointed, we found it to be perfect timing as we were able to watch the shop owners shovel ice from the window fronts and cart fish, mussels, and other unsold items from the day through the streets.  we bought a sesame seed cookie that holden devoured within a few minutes and a box of poppers that we tossed into the street while holden shouted "pop!" and scared a few tourists passing by.  the lanterns hanging across the streets, lucky cats in every window, and secret alleys around every corner completely captivated holden and we found ourselves wondering why we had never taken the time to explore china town before this evening adventure.