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despite being one of the most touristy parts of san francisco, fisherman's wharf is a great and entertaining place to take a toddler (or at least one that you have to carry).  it almost felt as though we were in another country as we walked through the throngs of people crowding the narrow alleyway, all waiting for their crab or lobster sandwiches that the vendors cooked right there on the street.  we didn't try any of the food, just stopped at each vendor to watch them steam and serve the crabs.  i'm pretty sure we could have spent hours sitting in front of a bucket of crabs on ice as holden seemed to be fascinated with them.  just out back, you can walk along the harbor and check out all of the fishing boats that bring in the fresh fish, crab, and lobster daily.  holden is obsessed with boats at the moment, so visiting boats just so happens to be a favorite past time these days.  we met a friendly sea lion who was waiting patiently behind one of the fishing boats that had just come in, hoping for a few scraps, and spoke with a fisherman about his catch for the day.  we laughed at the seagulls that refused to get out of the street and held up traffic, listened to a band playing on the corner, and stumbled into a museum filled with old arcade games.  this was one of the last cast adventures that we went on and something we probably wouldn't have done if holden wasn't in the cast , thinking it to be too touristy of a place for locals, but a spot we are happy to have seen.