oh, how we missed taking a bath when holden was in the cast.  you don't really realize how much you need bath time until it's eliminated from your daily schedule.  it's that one thing that makes your toddler smell like a baby all over again (i love inhaling that post-bath smell), that indicator that bedtime is starting, and for me, that half hour of "me time" in the evenings after a long day (bath time is a special time for mr.b and holden).  in the days leading up to the cast removal, we couldn't stop talking about the first bath with the excitement and anticipation you would expect for some sort of grand vacation.  and as if they knew what a momentous moment this was, earth mama angel baby sent us shampoo and lotion to celebrate.

holden has always had very sensitive skin, but we had to be even more aware of what we put on his skin after the cast.  earth mama angel baby is one of the only companies on the market that is certified organic from a third party and rated zero on the skin deep database so we didn't have to worry about using it for that first bath when his skin was a little raw and dry from being inside the cast for 6 weeks.  the natural orange vanilla shampoo and body wash has quickly become a bath time favorite and if you have a little one with sensitive skin, you know how hard it can be to find something that works! below are a few more of our favorite go-to items for the some toddler bath time fun (and please forgive me, but i just couldn't resist adding that outdoor tub..)


black outdoor tub from my "the great outdoors" pinterest board // white hooded terry robe // charcoal slippers // star washcloths // skipper sailboat

a few more of our favorite bath toys for toddlers are this tub soup, this traffic fun set, and this set of sailboat shapes.