all images via my ode to summer pinterest board

remember holden's first ice cream experience here?  well, i am so glad we waited so long to introduce him to his father's beloved food because he is obsessed.  if he could, he would eat ice cream for every meal and he has started saying often that random objects look like ice cream when they clearly do not (he must be daydreaming about it all day long).  we have been making it a fun summertime treat and i think a true ice cream experience would involve a trip to the ice cream truck, but i can't find one anywhere!  a visit to the ice cream truck seems to sum up childhood in the summertime as it holds a certain nostalgia for those carefree, warm summer evenings.  since i haven't been able to find any ice cream trucks in the neighborhood, i've found a few cardboard ones on pinterest (here, here, and here) that i'm thinking about attempting thinking that a cardboard one will probably end up being more fun for holden than the real thing (a quick stop at a moving truck versus hours of fun with mama).




mama's look: white cropped top // midi skirt // white flats // lipstick // ice cream necklace // blue tote

little man's look: t-shirt // shorts // white sneakers // temporary tattoos // scooter

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