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holden wears: zara, shirt c/o fawn shoppe, jeans c/0 mini mioche, converse high-tops

mama wears: random black tank, francesca skirt (similar here), charlotte russe wedges

if you knew my boy before he broke his femur, you would know that his two little feet were constantly moving as fast as they could go, almost always kicking a ball in front of him.  i would often question why i took him to playgrounds because he would always find a nearby patch of grass where he could run and kick his soccer ball, ignoring the swings and slides that we came for.  i truly can not wait to get that little boy back and to see him with no limitations.  it is kind of an odd experience to have to redo all of those first steps (no pun intended) with your little one, to revert back to those milestones that he already surpassed a year ago.  i wondered how it would feel to see him attempt to walk, then run, again.  i wondered if i would feel anxious for him to just get it over with (it's never easy to see your child struggle) or if it would be as exciting as the first time he did it.  and i've found that although i am eager for things to get back to "normal", i still feel that exact same immense pride at his accomplishments, maybe even more so than the first time.  he has started running again, although not as quickly and not as steadily as in the past, but i know he will get there soon and seeing the joy in his face as he pumps little legs as quickly as they can go is good enough for me right now.

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