Get the look :: 1. sunglasses // 2. black bauble necklace // 3. emerald bauble necklace // 4. cropped black sweater // 5. emerald green maxi skirt // 6. black and gold clutch // 7. leopard heels

This is the skirt that launched the idea.  This image is where the concept for Bel & Beau skirts all started.  Stumbling around Pinterest one day, I came across the ensemble pictured above and I couldn't seem to get it out of my head.  I had already been on the hunt for some dressy maxi skirts that I could add to my wardrobe and this image just added fuel to that fire.  At first, it needed to be emerald, but when I couldn't find anything remotely similar to an emerald maxi skirt that wasn't made out of chiffon, I searched for any color. And yet I still couldn't find anything even remotely similar unless it had at least $1000 price tag on it.  I quickly realized that the dressy maxi skirts that were currently on the market were no where near affordable (or at least for my budget) and so I decided to make one for myself.

I went to Stacie and she knew immediately knew the image I was talking about.  We went to work making my first sample skirt and it was exactly what I had been dreaming of wearing.  Although I love each and every skirt from the Bel & Beau collection, I think my heart will always hold a special place for The Mrs. Maxi Skirt in Emerald.