A Second Pregnancy







Bel wears :: Isabella Oliver Roliston Maternity Jumpsuit

Beau wears :: Moi Black Raven Jumpsuit

I'm currently heading into my third trimester and to be honest, this whole pregnancy still feels quite surreal.  I keep waiting for it to "hit" me that I am pregnant, but it still hasn't seemed to happen. With Holden's pregnancy, I was so attuned to the fact that I was pregnant, completely engrossed in pregnancy blogs and baby books, the thought that I was pregnant completely engrossing my every moment of every day. I spent an hour of everyday at a prenatal yoga class and  three hours a week in the Bradley Method class.  Life at that point was all about pregnancy.

Yet, this pregnancy is completely different. My everyday is spent as a mama to a sweet and energetic boy and we are on-the-go adventuring 24/7. I am almost constantly on the go so it's not until those small moments of quiet in the day that I get my one-on-one time with bebe - when I am still for the first time that day and bebe knows it, kicking to acknowledge the quiet and let me know he is ready for our conversations to begin.

It's interesting what a stark contrast this pregnancy has been from the last, but one thing that has been true for both pregnancies is how much I love being pregnant. Watching my body change to accommodate this little human growing inside me fascinates me and almost nothing can compare to feeling your baby kick in response to your voice.

We seriously just can't wait for the day that we get to meet him.  Valentine's Day can't come soon enough.