Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor Week

Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor Happy Monday, everybody! I am so excited to announce that today I have teamed up with Brickyard Buffalo as a Guest Editor where I have selected some of my favorite products and shops for myself and the boys to be sold at a special deal just for you guys! I seriously love being introduced to new things and hearing where other mama's find their "must-have" or just fun items, so I hope you find something new that you love.  I'm sharing a few of the items below, but you can check out my other picks over on the Brickyard Buffalo site where you can get them all at a discount.


The boys and I spend A LOT of time at the beach and I'm always looking for cute suits that are (most importantly) flattering, make me feel comfortable, and allow me to chase the boys around the sand. This Raising Wild suit is my absolute favorite swimsuit and I am so happy that I stumbled across them on Instagram. It just seems to fit in all the right places and I love that it is a one-piece that doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing a "mom suit."


I love the idea of greenery and plants in my home, but unfortunately, it seems I have more of a brown thumb than a green one and plants generally don't make it past a couple of weeks in our home. Pigment is one of my favorite stores in San Diego, they truly carry the cutest, most unique, products in there. They sent me home with this Pretty Planting Starter Kit and guess what, these guys are still thriving after a few months! Succelents are beautiful, but more importantly easy to take care of, and the kit comes with the exact directions you need to care for these babies (which is easy..1 syringe (which is provided) of water every week). It's also a great way to brighten your home during the winter months for those that don't live in Southern California.


I am a boy mama and have actually always wanted to be one. Even when I was a lot younger, I would dream about my future life and I always envisioned having a household full of boys. So it's no wonder that one of my favorite shops is Wild+Bear. They make these Boy Mama shirts which I love (for obvious reasons) and then these Long Live Boyhood tees as well for the boys.


Lastly, I wanted to share Fin & Vince. I think that the clothing they create is very unique and I adore the sayings that they put on their t-shirts. This sup romper is one of my favorite pieces and I love that it's unisex.

I hope that I've introduced you to some new things in this post that you love just as much as I do or just some pieces you already loved but love even more now because you can get it at a discount. Don't forget to head over to Brickyard Buffalo to see what else I have picked out.