The Number One Staple For Your Maternity Wardrobe

20160827_8269_6 With a five year old (wow, still have to get used to that) and a one year old running around and a belly that seems to be growing outwardly by inches every single day, I need clothes that feel comfortable and allow me to move without restrictions. I usually opt for dresses as my everyday go-to because I have this weird issue about anything constricting my belly while pregnant, but maternity jeans with a good fit are a must for every maternity wardrobe.

Maternity jeans are a usually an investment and since you're only going to wear them for six months at a time, it's important that you choose the right ones. These NYDJ AMI  Skinny Maternity Leggings are worth every penny and are a staple piece that will save your wardrobe when you just want to throw on a t-shirt and sneakers, feel comfortable with your ever expanding belly, and most importantly, flatter your figure. njdj_maternity_jeans_2





Munchkin LATCH Bottle for Breastfeeding Mothers

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I've teamed up with my friends at Munchkin to share this story with you.

I'm 18 weeks into my third pregnancy and still nursing this sweet one and a half year old of mine. Looking back, I realized that in the past five years, I have only had a six month break from breastfeeding (which is kind of hard to believe) and with another baby on the way, it looks like I'm going to have a couple more years (and maybe more after that with another one if we are so lucky)! I have always told everyone that my babies don't take bottles, but the truth is that they don't take bottles because I don't like to introduce them. I honestly don't like to miss any of that special bonding time that happens when you're nursing your infant, don't enjoy pumping (cleaning all of those parts ugh!), and have had a hard time finding a bottle that I love for my babies.

However, this third time around, this sweet babe of mine is going to need to take a bottle. With two others to look after, one of whom won't even be two years old when this new babe of ours is born, I'm going to need the ability for others to feed him or her while I take care of the other two. Holden is already talking about feeding the new baby and I know Gray will want some part in that as well. So I'm feeling ok this time around about letting others do some of the feedings (just a few though ha!) so that they get to experience a similar sort of bonding as I do.

Munchkin, one of my favorite brands, just released a new line, Munchkin LATCH, that is specifically made for breastfeeding mamas and babes. Honestly, knowing that something is made with nursing moms in mind makes me feel more at ease about introducing it to my little ones. The Munchkin LATCH bottle has an accordion-style nipple that stretches like the breast, helping your baby latch easily and correctly. The other nice benefit of Munchkin LATCH is the anti-colic valve on the bottom of the bottle, which helps to remove air from the milk inside it. And the line includes an easy sterilization kit for pump parts, breast pads, bottle and pump brushes.

So if you're a breastfeeding mother who wants to introduce a bottle to your baby and wants to find something that is as close to mimicking breastfeeding as possible, check out the new Munchkin LATCH.

***This post is sponsored by Munchkin. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Baby Basics from Carter's

**Thank you Carter's for sponsoring this campaign. All opinions are my own. IMG_3241 copy When it comes to your baby, there are so many different things that you are told that your little one will need, and you will probably buy or receive all sorts of things that you will never end up using (that's happened to me both times). But when it comes to the basics, I want soft, comfortable pieces from a company that I know and love. That's why when I'm looking for baby basics, I turn to Carter's. From simple white and striped bodysuits, to footie pajamas with the cutest animal faces on the bum, and hooded towels with sweet animal ears attached at the top - Carter's has classic pieces that you will use over and over again for the first couple years of life.


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I've included a few of my must-have neutral baby basics that every parent needs for their little one below....

newborn baby basics

  1. 3-piece Terry cardigan set // 2. 3-Piece Footed Pant Set // 3. Little Lamb Hooded Towel// 4. Cotton Sleep & Play // 5. 2-pack Babysoft Pants // 6. Original Bodysuits

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Slow Like Sunday Mornings

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When Holden was a baby, we exclusively cloth diapered him and loved it! It worked for him, it worked for us, and he potty-trained super early because of it. We saved all of Holden's old cloth diapers and planned to cloth diaper Gray as well. However, when he was born, we discovered that Gray and cloth diapers just didn't mix.

Regardless of how many times I changed him during the day and night, the cloth diapers caused him to get severe diaper rashes (something we never experienced with Holden) and after a month or two of diaper rashes continuously coming and going, our pediatrician recommended that we try something different. So we packed up all of our cloth diapers and began our search for the perfect disposable diaper, hoping that would result in a healthier and happier baby. We tried a number of natural diaper brands and yet, Gray still got horrible rashes. One was so bad, that he spent an entire day completely miserable unless he was in my arms, his bum off the ground and my arms no where near his bottom.

After we thought we had exhausted all natural diaper brands, we decided to try a conventional diaper brand and guess what...he stopped getting rashes! HURRAY!

But, there was still one problem.

Our babies' delicate and sensitive skin touches diapers every second of every day, so the diaper that you choose matters a lot! And I couldn't get this thought out of my head. When we decided to cloth diaper Holden, we did a ton of research on diapers, so I knew that the chemicals in conventional diapers are harmful to both my baby and to the environment. As happy as I was to see his rashes disappear, I couldn't shake the notion that the diapers that had solved the whole rash problem were potentially harming my child in a completely different way. All I wanted was a safe diaper for this little baby of mine.

Well I am happy to say that a year later after testing what seems like a bazillion different types of diapers, I have FINALLY found a natural diaper company that I am head over heels in love with, Bambo Nature. They are allergen-free, super-soft, incredibly flexible, and ultra-absorbent. And the best news of all, these natural diapers DO NOT give Gray a rash!Bambo Nature has earned more credentials, awards, and eco-labels than any other diaper on the market and I am seriously elated to have discovered them! (Should I be embarrassed that diapers get me this excited?) If you are on the hunt for an all-natural diaper for your sweet babe, look into Bambo Nature. I highly, highly recommend them. We are big fans over here.

*Huge thanks to Bambo Nature for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

Having a VBAC

IMG_4887-1 When I was pregnant with Holden, Mr.B and I took a twelve week class (The Bradley Method) that taught you how to have a natural birth. I found a Doctor that promoted natural birthing and was even planning to deliver at a hospital a half hour away because it had a lower rate of c-sections than the one closer to us. I wrote an intricate, multiple paged birth plan that was basically just a long laundry list of everything that I didn't want the nurses to do and I spent the weeks leading up to my due date visualizing the birth I wanted. I read every birthing book I could find and watched numerous natural birthing videos on youtube. At 37 weeks, my Doctor confirmed, that despite all of the above, Holden was in fact breech (something I had a suspicion about the entire pregnancy) and there would be no natural birth or even vaginal birth with an epidural...I would be having a planned c-section. I was completely devastated.

Still, I did not give in to the idea of c-section. I googled how to turn a breech baby naturally and did every single one: I tried acupuncture, I did specific exercises where I hung off the side of the couch, I spent every day doing somersaults in the pool, I recorded and then played my voice near the bottom of my tummy to entice Holden to move his head down there; and still he remained hiccuping in my ribs. When that didn't work, I went and had my doctor try to turn him manually. I used the methods the Bradley Method taught me to relax and when my Doctor told me that Holden wasn't flipping, I told him to keep going, something he said he had never heard anyone say in his entire career.

In the end, I resigned myself to the idea that I was having a c-section. We scheduled Holden's birthday and in the days leading up to the birth, I tried to tell myself (and anyone else that asked) that it didn't how my baby boy arrived in this world as long as he was healthy.

But Holden's birth was the exact opposite of what I had envisioned for over 9 months and it was hard for me to be happy about it. As thrilled as I was for my sweet baby boy to enter into this world, I didn't really enjoy the birthing experience.

When I became pregnant with Gray, I knew that I wanted to try for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarian). My friend, pregnant at the same time and also trying for a vbac, recommended a Doctor in Encinitas that was supposed to be one of the only (and the best) Doctors in San Diego that supported vbacs.

This time, I didn't have any preconceived ideas on how the birth would go. I didn't take any birthing classes or read any birthing methods. I didn't write a birth plan, I didn't decide that I was going to have a vaginal birth or a c-section. I didn't vow to have a natural birth or get an epidural. I said that what happened would happen and I believed it. I was going to try for a vaginal birth, but if it didn't happen, I was ok with that too...all I wanted was a healthy baby arriving in this world. And this time, I truly meant those words.

Going into the hospital, the only thing I was adamant about was that I had a wireless monitor. For vbacs, they require continuous monitoring and I didn't want to be tied down to the bed (which I believe could very possibly result in my having another c-section).

I stayed at home as long as possible, per recommendation of my Doctor and when I went in, they checked me and I still wasn't very far along. We got a wireless monitor and we walked up and down the halls, I rolled on the exercise ball, we watched a television show on the iphone (although I remember absolutely none of it).

My doctor let me do my thing. He didn't have time limits, he didn't have expectations, he didn't check my progress (something I felt would affect me mentally).

My Bradley method classes helped me more than anything....I stayed completely limp and relaxed in every muscle of my body as contractions took over it. I remember thinking before hand that I would run the halls between contractions, but I guess I forgot and ended up spending the first couple of hours taking it easy.

After a few hours, my Doctor came in and said, "It's go time! Put on music, dance. You need to get up and get moving." And so we did. We put on dance club music...and I danced like crazy in between every single contraction..and after a short period of dancing, my water broke. At that point, everything got very intense. I was exhausted from being up for the past three nights with contractions and at that point, I could feel that I was unable to relax my body anymore...something I felt was very important for my body in the birthing process.  It was then that I decided to get an epidural.

With the epidural, my body relaxed and on the monitor we could see the contractions were one on top of the other. I fell asleep for thirty minutes and when I woke up, Gray's head was out! The nurses wanted to wait for the Doctor to come because they said he would be upset if he missed the delivery so they called him at home and told him to come in to deliver my baby. We waited for him to arrive before I started pushing (so I sat there for about five minutes with the top of Gray's head out while we waited for the Doctor to arrive at the hospital). My mom and in-laws happened to arrive during the time we were waiting for the Doctor with Holden and they peeked in to say hello, not realizing that Gray would be arriving any minute. They went back into the waiting room, trying to keep Holden awake a little longer so he could meet his baby brother.

The Doctor arrived and a few short pushes later, Gray was out and on my chest.


Holden came in a minute or two after Gray was born to meet his baby brother and they rested there together on my chest with Daddy looking over and all was right in the world.

It was seriously the best experience of my life. It was everything I could have dreamed it to be and more. I can be honest when I say I would have another baby JUST to be able to give birth again.

If any of you are considering a vbac and have any questions, please feel free to email me!  I'd be happy to talk about my experience more!


I also wanted to share these words that my midwife said to me because they helped me come to peace with my unwanted cesarian. Birth is such a personal experience, that these words might not mean anything to you, but just in the chances that they help you too, I want to share them....

Still quite disheartened about having to have a c-section the first time around, I was talking about my experience with the midwife at one of the appointments and how I tried everything that I could to turn him, but he just wouldn't budge. She looked at me and said, "Holden has his own mind. He is his own person. You can not control another person. You can't make another person do anything." For some reason, those words completely shifted my thinking about the entire thing. Perhaps in the back of my mind, I felt as though I had failed or my body had failed me because I couldn't make it do what I wanted. And yet, it was nothing I did or didn't do (despite how hard I tried). I couldn't force Holden, an entirely different person than myself, to do something that he didn't want to do and it was evident he did not want to move from where he was. Maybe he thought it was cozy right there or maybe he just didn't want to leave. Regardless, it wasn't my decision to make and her words helped me to accept what had happened.

How to Survive Daylight Savings with Kids

IMG_6348Daylight savings.... Before children, the end of daylight savings was an occasion to be celebrated.  "Falling back" meant an extra hour of daytime that you could spend doing whatever you very well pleased. But as a parent, daylight savings means earlier mornings, thrown-off nap times, and later bedtimes.


Last week, Chronicle Books and Pottery Barn Kids sent us the most thoughtful Daylight Savings Survival Kit for both parents and children. Some beautiful books and stuffed characters for the boys and speciality coffee and Advil for the parents.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and Steam Train, Dream Train are two favorite bedtime stories in our household. I don't think my boys will ever tire of reading about construction vehicles or trains, and the gorgeous writing and illustrations make these enjoyable books to read as a parent. Holden was overjoyed to find the stuffed character from the book in the package and couldn't wait to read the books to his new friend.









In the past with Holden, we just winged it. However, Gray's internal clock seems to be more sensitive than Holden's. By 6 PM, Gray lets us know that he is ready for bed and proceeds to fall asleep at 6:30 PM every night like clockwork. Holden, on the other hand, is like the Energizer doesn't matter what time it is or how much or little sleep he got the night before, Holden has never gone to sleep (for bedtimes or naps) unless he forcibly made to do so. I'm pretty sure he would stay awake the entire night if we let him! This time around, we think a little preparation might be necessary for Gray who is not going to be happy with us messing with his bed time. So how are we going to survive the time change?

Plan - Instead of springing the time change on the boys all at once, we are going to start shifting their schedules at the beginning of this week, 15 minutes at a time, to help their bodies slowly adjust to the time change.

Keep the same routine - I'll be extra diligent when the time change happens not to stray from our usual routine.  Rather than looking at a clock, mealtimes, playtimes, outings, etc. are all cues to Holden and Grayson about what is happening next in their day.  By sticking to our usual routine, it will help them anticipate the daily flow.

Earlier Bedtimes - Knowing that the boys are waking up earlier, I will be sure to put them down for naps and bed earlier than usual to compensate for the early wake time and (hopefully) avoid overtired kiddos.

Do you guys have any other tips or tricks for daylight savings? Do you plan ahead or just wing it?