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Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries :: Celebration


Photography by Chrissy Powers

With a new baby in the house, we seem to be celebrating something new every single day.

He is sitting up all by himself!

He rolled all the way across the room to get to his toy!

He ate the entire bowl of avocado!

He said Mama!

Big or small, every single new thing that a baby does seems to be celebration. It's our job as mothers to acknowledge their growth and their accomplishments regardless of how miniscule. We are the cheerleaders for our children as they eat food for the first time, start sitting up by themselves, begin to crawl, build a block tower that doesn't topple over, hop on one foot, learn to read. We becomes experts in celebrating those ordinary, everyday moments.





We become such masters at teaching and celebrating their growth, that often we find ourselves celebrating moments themselves. The pitter patter of little feet down the hall, the toothy grin from across the room, the tinkle of late afternoon giggles lingering in the air, that milky baby scent that envelopes you  the elaborate conversations before lights out, the tiny hand that runs across your chest while you nurse in the dark and silence. We find joy in these seemingly mundane moments, etching these memories onto our hearts until they become a part of our soul.






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And while we take the time to recognize and revere each passing moment in time with our children, as adults, we celebrate so little of our lives.

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, promotions.

We wait until those big moments to stop and recognize our growth, sometimes even having to remind ourselves with giant X on the calendar. So why is it that we closely watch and celebrate each time our babies show a sign of growth, but as mothers we have yet to acknowledge growth in ourselves. Moments of selflessness, remaining patient despite being at the end of your rope, and being that nurturing person your child needs even when you feel like you want your own mother at that moment.  These moments of selflessness, patience, and nurturing that happen day in and day out as a mother.  These are the moments we should be celebrating for ourselves.

Let's remember to celebrate those ordinary, everyday moments not just for our children, but for ourselves as mothers, for each other as mothers as well.

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries :: Transformation


Photos by Chrissy Powers Photography

I knew the second it happened. It was the moment I had been waiting for my entire life, but had consistently escaped me regardless of how hard I chased it; the moment I became me.

The days, weeks, and 9 months leading up to that moment consisted of a slow and steady transformation of my body. It was a gradual metamorphosis that I was prepared for, but that instantaneous transformation was what took me by complete surprise.















A cry shattered the silence that had suddenly engulfed the room just moments prior. As time seemed to stand still, I felt myself look down on this moment from above as everything played out in slow motion in front of me.  The doctor at the foot of the bed with arms outstretched, the look on my husband's face and the glaring whiteness of his knuckles as his hand grasped mine, the feeling of my body tightening and tensing uncontrollably as if it had a mind of its own. And then his tiny, wet body was placed into my arms and time began again...yet this time everything was drastically different. 

In that exact moment I suddenly became everything I was always supposed to be, their mother.

I was finally here and I was me. 

Because by them entering my life, I have truly found myself.

I no longer worried about what people thought of me. I no longer felt the need to do things that I didn't want to do just to please other people. I no longer felt like I was searching for my purpose in life. I was me and I was completely satisfied with that because I was everything that they needed me to be.

There's a sense of calm, a sense of confidence, and a sense of pure, unadulterated happiness that comes in knowing exactly who you are. It's in my two boys that I found my best self and now that I've found it, I'm going to hold on to it for dear life.

Sakura Bloom Sling Dairies: Community

I am beyond honored and humbled to be chosen as one of the fifteen women to participate in the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, Volume VI. Over the next six months, I will be sharing posts about motherhood and parenting, focusing on a specific theme each month. Sakura Bloom has provided me with slings to use throughout the course of this series. community9

They say you never know the exact minute your life has changed; that circumstances and situations happen and one day you wake up and you just feel differently. It's meant to be gradual. A shift in life is supposed to be like the rotation of the sun, happening so slowly that I barely know it's happening" - J.S. Cooper

People tell you that life will change once you have a child. That life as you currently know it is over. Of course, I believed people when they said this, but I could never have fathomed how changed a person I would become.

I remember saying,"That won't be me," to my Mother-In-Law during an afternoon of shopping in the later stages of pregnancy when she suggested that I may not be as interested in the expensive purse I was eyeing through the store window after my little one arrived. "Well of course, I'll want to shop for the baby clothes, but I'll want to shop for myself just as much," I replied with confidence. "You'll see," she said. "Things are just different when you have a child." And she was right. What she was trying to get me to understand had nothing at all to do with shopping, but of course at that time I couldn't comprehend motherhood. The very second, a 6 lb, 13 oz bundle of baby boy was placed into my arms, I was a changed woman.

I loved him more than I knew it was possible to love. I didn't want him to ever leave my arms, much less to spend a single second away from him. I could spend my entire day staring into his tiny baby face, breathing in his milky scent and kissing his perfectly shaped rosebud lips and be completely content. My life revolved around him.

I didn't know that life could be this good. I was happy, I was whole. As a mother, I was able to truly find myself...and to be honest, I looked a lot different from the woman I knew pre-motherhood. Life had a whole new perspective and meaning, and I was changed woman.

And only another mother can fully understand this evolution. Only another mother can know what it's like to give so much of yourself to another human being. Only another mother can grasp exactly what you have been through, are currently going through, and will go through on this journey of motherhood. You are not alone. Motherhood in and of itself is a community. In becoming a mother, you are instantly connected and bonded to thousands of women all over the world who know and understand what it is like to selflessly and unconditionally love another human being; to want someone else's happiness over your own. We may all have different stories, but this common thread that we share, motherhood at it's core, weaves us together and unites us in a language unspoken by anyone else.












I am wearing Grayson in the Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Baby Sling in Vermilion.