family style



mama wore: h&m wool hat, h&m faux leather jacket, free people voile trapeze slip, free people seamless romper, go jane boots, forever21 necklace

daddy wore: h&m flat hatrvca new bars t-shirt, h&m pants, converse

little man wore: random hoodie (similar here), h&m fur hatpeep t-shirt, h&m pants, native howard slip-ons

some days, a happy coincidence of events occurs: holden takes a long afternoon nap meaning he is able to stay up a little later than normal and traffic isn't stop-and-go meaning that dustin gets home from work a little earlier than he usually does.  these two things happening in the same day mean that we are able to catch the last hour of light together at a local park.

this week, that happy coincidence just so happened to be an everyday occurrence.

so each evening as the sun slowly sunk beneath the horizon, we chased and laughed and played, amidst bare trees and fallen leaves, invigorated by the brisk evening air which was just cool enough to warrant fuzzy hats.

and on the holden development front, he has taken to babbling 24/7.  whereas last week ba ba meant basically everything (say spider "ba ba", say daddy "ba ba", say water "ba ba"), this week his words actually sound like the real words, as in we can tell exactly what he's saying.  so far he's said love you, yellow, spider, dada, owl, cow, mooooo (amongst a few others).  it may not be perfect english per-se, but he is suddenly using a bunch of different sounds with the exact right intonation.  and he doesn't stop talking. he explains everything he is doing and just chats with me all day long.  i'm pretty sure that talking makes him a real toddler.

also....i'm pretty sure that i need these boots in turquoise too.  i mean they are kind of too cheap (and amazing) not to get a pair in every color.


 mama wore: f21 maxi dress, h&m sweater, chewbeads necklace, havaianias flip flops; dada wore: volcom tshirt, lrg jeans, rainbow sandals; little man wore: quiksilver tshirt, h&m jeans, zara hat

this weekend brought sunshine and heat...finally some warmish weather.  there's something about warmth that elicits good feelings, lightened spirits, and a renewed vehemence for life and all of those things that you never got around to doing.  we spent the majority of our time averting indoors at all costs, frittering away time without a care, believing that the sun would remain in the sky forever, daylights savings finally making sense now that we could actually enjoy the lengthened evenings.  we celebrated with flip flops, bare feet in long grass that tickled all the way up holden's chubby thighs, blanket-laying under the shade of a giant tree perfect for climbing, napping under an umbrella for every reason other than precipitation, picnic sandwiches from our favorite deli, holding hands at every chance, and a mini earth day concert at the zoo, all the while enjoying the sun on our backs and daydreaming about the future.


 mama wore: h&m sweater, f21 dress, zara leggings, jessica simpson boots. dada wore: billabong beanie, vans hoodie, h&m pants, vans shoes.  little man wore: quiksilver thermal, h&m pants.
as soon as i found out i was having a baby boy, i dreamed of my little tow-headed, blue-eyed boy standing in the surf, his small body bronzed from his afternoons spent in the sun and the sand.  i already knew he was going to be a so-cal surfer boy, a miniature version of dustin, so before holden was born, i began to compile his wardrobe, constantly hunting for clothes that would suit his laid-back-surfer-slightly-hipster style.  however, finding baby boy outfits that fit this style proved to be more difficult than i anticipated.  if i was having a girl, i probably would have just bought out the entire girls' section of almost every store i walked into, but looking for baby boy's clothing was near impossible.  i half-heartedly joke that having a boy kept me from going broke (although it's probably a much truer statement than i would like to admit).  i would rummage through rack after rack of miniature sweaters and tees, fingering shorts and pants that were the size of my forearm with a look of distaste plastered across my face as i perused the selection hanging before me.  where were the surfer clothes for babies?
i knew that my baby was going to wear quiksilver and hurley baby, but finding these brands can be near impossible.  the online selection is limited and the sizing in stores usually starts at the toddler sizes.  thankfully, the nordstrom's racks in la and san diego have been our baby style saviors.  for some reason, they always seem to have a huge selection of the most amazing quiksilver and hurley baby boy clothes.  after a few trips down south and months of sending friends and family on shopping sprees for me, we have finally compiled a wardrobe that holden and i can be proud of.  he finally has a wardrobe that represents his style.
all my hard work as holden's stylist paid off because today, one of my mommy friends was introducing holden and me to her friend and she said, "this is holden.  he is the hipster of the group.  he is always very stylish." :: ahhhhh :: what a satisfying feeling.

i am still dreaming of rvca coming out with a baby boy clothing line (can you imagine?!)