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Cooking with Blue Apron

IMG_4519If I can be completely honest, I am not really a big foodie person. I am one of those eat to live people and not a live to eat person. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and went vegan about 6 months ago when I discovered baby Gray had some sensitivity to lactose in my breastmilk. Although I know that there are numerous options for vegetarians and vegans when it comes to meals, I tend to eat the same meals day in and day out and find it hard to break out of my routine. So when Blue Apron reached out to me about trying out their meal delivery service, I jumped at the chance to try something new!

Blue Apron is a service that delivers fresh ingredients in a refrigerated box right to your doorstep, all packaged in the right amounts for the recipes to make three different meals.


The fresh ingredients are accompanied by recipe cards that contain 6 simple steps for making your meal. They are simple to follow which is important when you're cooking-challenged like myself (ha!) Holden is really into cooking right now (he gets it from his Daddy) so he took the lead on this one (with our direction and supervision of course).



Mr. B goes out of town for a few days almost every single week and when it's just me and the boys I find it almost impossible to look up a new recipe, go to the store to purchase all of the ingredients (especially because you almost always have to buy 10 new spices and sauces that you don't already own and will probably never use again), and then prepare and cook everything while watching my boys at the end of a long day. Blue Apron delivers all of the ingredients already pre-measured which means nothing goes to waste and makes the preparation simple.

Blue Apron made my life so much easier for the week and made meal-time run quickly and smoothly. There was no "what are we having for dinner tonight?" question or last minute trips to the grocery store. The recipes were simple enough to follow (just ask Holden), the meals were easy to make, and the food was delicious. We even saved the recipe cards so that we can remake the meals on our own in the future.






The convenience of having fresh ingredients, pre-measured, and then dropped at your doorstep made the entire experience feel like the luxury of going out to eat, but without missing out on the fun that goes along with preparing and cooking a meal together.

So if you're stuck in a rut with your meal routine or you just want a break from meal planning and grocery shopping for the week, check out Blue Apron. I promise, you will not be disappointed. You can also check out the Blue Apron cookbook here to try out a few of the recipes on your own!

This post is in partnership with Blue Apron. Go check them out!  You will be thanking me ;)


the little man is finally back to himself and i'm ever so grateful that he is out of his misery.  he still has a runny nose but the (somewhat eerie) stillness that has hung over him the past couple days has lifted and he is back to the boy i know, the boy thats on the go, moving in twenty different directions all at once.  unfortunately, now i am sick with bronchitis and i can't keep up.   i feel the need to call in sick, to be pampered, to curl up on the couch with some tea and watch reality tv show marathons for hours, but there are no sick days as a mama so i somehow muster up the energy to laugh, play, and be silly until the little man closes his eyes for the night and then suddenly, i've run out of steam, crashing on the couch in a heap of sniffles, coughs, and exhaustion.


a baby with a cold is a miserable baby.  helping holden feel better and recover as quickly as possible is my top priority right now.  these are some of the things in my arsenal at the moment that i am using to battle this cold.
1. run a humidifier all night // 2. clear out his nose with babyganics lets boogie nasal saline drops // 3. drop california baby cold and flu drops into the humidifier // 4. a get well balloon provides hours of entertainment // 5. cool his fevers with the owl cool calm press // 6. use california baby cold and flu bubble bath to soothe him before bed  // 7. coat his chest with nature's baby organics ah-choo chest rub  // 8. suck the boogies out with nosefrida // 9. clean and sanitize toys with dapple natural toy cleaner to prevent the infection spreading // 10. sleeping on the nap nanny allows him to easily rest at an incline



(inspiration photos from here.)

our easter didn't go as planned.  we missed the easter egg hunt, visit with the easter bunny, and easter pot luck with holden's baby friends.  while i envisioned photos of holden's first easter, his perfect easter outfit, pink and white bunny ears perched atop his head, pastel colored eggs caught in his tiny grasp, none of this happened.   we've had a cold outbreak ravaging our house this past week and we spent easter sunday laying in bed feeling miserable. i spent forever dreaming up the perfect easter basket, struggling to throw together a non-traditional basket that would work for a 7 month old, and i'm disappointed i wasn't able to pull it all together so i thought i'd share holden's virtual easter basket.

it all started with my awakening to a slightly sore throat last tuesday that morphed into a full-on, nasty cold by the weekend.  i thought that my breastmilk might save holden from infection (i was under the impression that breastfed babies never got sick), but it didn't and holden woke up from his afternoon nap on saturday burning up with a fever.  holden's first real cold. it's heartbreaking to watch him writhe and moan in pain, eyes red and watering, nose oozing and dripping, completely miserable and suffering.  all i want is to make him feel better, to take his pain away, but i can't so i hold him close against me, rock him back and forth, stroke his head, and whisper sweet nothings into his ear.   he needs me now more than ever before, not wanting me to leave his side even for a second, and i'm finding myself treasuring this newfound clingy-ness, appreciating his urgent demand for me to be beside him.  as i've laid him down each night, trying to stealthily steal away to eat my dinner and spend time with my husband, his small hands reach out in the darkness, latching onto a piece of my clothing and not letting go.  one hand cups my arm, the other tracing my face as he settles back into a peaceful slumber with the knowledge that i am by his side.  i've found myself relishing in his neediness these past few days, my wild child suddenly subdued enough to enjoy hours of cuddling and quiet time with mama.