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Summer is almost here and you know what that's time to stock up on all your favorite summer pieces! And guess what...Sale Alert! Today I have an amazing sale round up of my favorite goodies at Shopbop. You can now save up to 25% when you use the code EOTS17 at checkout.

While the Northern Hemisphere is going into Fall, we happen to be heading into spring and summer and since most online retailers are based in the Northern Hemisphere, it means we get to take FULL advantage of all of the summer sales going on! This is my favorite time of the year to splurge on new beach bag, a new pair of summer sandals, or a new summer accessory.  Click on the numbers to shop some of my favorite sale picks! Happy Shopping! xx

1. Straw Beach Tote (more options here) 2. Fringed Beach Tote (these are a few more of my favorites) 3. The Perfect Beach Clutch (similar here) 4. Beach Tote that Fits Everything (Similar styles here) 5. Perfect Day Tote (some other amazing similar options here) 6. Straw Crossbody Bag (similar styles here)

7. A Pair of Neutral Sandals (similar styles here) 8. Espradrilles (similar here)  9. Lace Flats (similar here

10. Cat-Eye Sunglasses (similar here) 11. White Straw Hat (similar here) 12. Rose Gold Watch (similar here


Rachel Pally is one of my favorite clothing designers in that she creates collections of comfortable classics that are both stylish and versatile, making you feel and look good without much effort.  I like to think of her pieces as easy elegance because you can throw one on for instantaneous style and yet they carry the same comfort of your favorite pair of yoga pants.  It just so happens that she is a recent new mother to an adorable little 5-month-old name Tao and I was lucky enough to catch up with her to find out how motherhood has influenced her style.
How old is your little one? Almost 5 months old.  Its going by so fast!

Three words to describe motherhood.  Incredible.  Challenging.  LOVE.

Has becoming a mother influenced your style?  If so, how?  So long, 5 inch heels!  At least for now!  I have been dressing the same but have been gravitating towards a pair of Isabel Marant clogs and flat sandals instead of my usual heels.  That and since I'm breastfeeding I have to always wear things that open in the front or can be pulled to the side.  Good thing I make stretchy jersey clothes!

What were your style staples during pregnancy?  Black leggings, black tight dresses, black tank tops, black long skirts.  BLACK BLACK BLACK.  How boring!  I lived in my Amelie dress.  I cut it for myself in 10 colors and prints and wore it almost every day.  Those were my only colorful items!

What pieces do you wear most often or think are must-have for every mother?  My long full skirt.  I wear it as a skirt and I wear it as a dress.  I wear it with a tank or with a sweater, with sandals or with boots.  I wear it constantly.  And I think that a good maxi dress and a little leather jacket makes the ultimate outfit.  The maxi for the comfort and the jacket for the cool.  Its a perfect balance.

Why should the Rachel Pally collection should be a staple in every mother's and mother-to-be's closet?  You look great and you feel great.  The Rachel Pally collection is so easy.  What more can you ask for?  In my office we call our clothes "adult pajamas".  There is no reason why you have to look sloppy just to be comfy.  And who has time to fuss with their outfits anymore?

What is most important to you in raising your children?  My mom always says "roots and wings".  Make sure to give your child a strong foundation with love and acceptance and also allow them to be themselves, grow on their own and be independent.  Thanks, Mom!

3 summer essentials for mothers?  3 summer essentials for little ones? Sunscreen (for both!), hats (for both!).  And outside time (for both!).  

For moms - Date nights with their partner!

And I think all kids need basic American Apparel t-shirts (I've already given up on all baby clothes with snaps)



taylorsterlingtaylor sterling is not only one of the most stylish women i know, but as the founder of the glitter guide, she is an inspiration to young women everywhere.  taylor is expecting her very first baby in just a short few months and because summer isn't over just quite yet, today she is sharing her 5 summer essentials for expectant mamas. 1. Bringing Up Bebe // If you're looking for a great summer read than this is it. I am at bonafide Francophile and this book had so many great points on raising children the French way. I wonder if I will really stick to any of the rules, though.

2. Zoe Organics Belly Oil // I am obsessed with this stuff. It smells great and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I lather it on morning and night. It's great for the summer months when I want my skin to look a shiny and fresh. Plus, it's hopefully keeping stretch marks from popping up.

3. Freshly Picked //  Okay, so this isn't a must-have for momma, but I think that every momma needs to buy a pair for the baby! I am obsessed and already have the gold and bronze for baby girl.

4. Lemlem Bathsheba gauze Coverup // I love Lemlem line. It's bohemian with a modern vibe. This soft cover up is great for laying out at the beach and keeping me from getting too much sun.

5. Preston and Olivia Resort Hat // My friends Trent and Dara have an amazing hat line called Preston and Olivia. I think mommies-to-be should keep out the sun and protect themselves from hyperpigmentation. These are the perfect solution.



partyskirt3 partyskirt2


who what wear love t-shirt (sold out) and the maxi skirt is a sample for a project i am working on and will be for sale soon

never in my life had i been a "let's just wait and see" type of person.  i was a planner and a doer, making lists upon lists upon lists that all formed some sort of plan and then i would diligently go to work to make those plans happen.  but then holden arrived in my life and all of that suddenly changed.  i stopped focusing so much on the future, where my life was going to lead, what i was going to do "with the rest of my life" (something that used to consume my everyday), and began living and focusing on the present.  i stopped doing things that i felt like i should do and concentrated my efforts on the parts of my life that i really loved, honoring the changes in my world without wishing that i felt, looked, acted, loved, or worked any differently. i stopped worrying so much about my life plan, trusting that i would recognize the next steps when they appeared.

and it seems that that big break from all my incessant planning gave me the space to dream and discover what i really wanted out of life.  the end of this month marks holden's second birthday and along with that a big new start for our family.  mr. b and i have been dreaming and planning and staying up into the early hours of the mornings, hoping to create a life that will make us happy.  we have a few different projects we are launching in the next month and will also be moving to a new home although we still have no idea where that home will be.  our future is a little up in the air at the moment (which is somewhat terrifying) but here's to living on faith and trusting in the unknown!


running2 running1



holden wears: zara, shirt c/o fawn shoppe, jeans c/0 mini mioche, converse high-tops

mama wears: random black tank, francesca skirt (similar here), charlotte russe wedges

if you knew my boy before he broke his femur, you would know that his two little feet were constantly moving as fast as they could go, almost always kicking a ball in front of him.  i would often question why i took him to playgrounds because he would always find a nearby patch of grass where he could run and kick his soccer ball, ignoring the swings and slides that we came for.  i truly can not wait to get that little boy back and to see him with no limitations.  it is kind of an odd experience to have to redo all of those first steps (no pun intended) with your little one, to revert back to those milestones that he already surpassed a year ago.  i wondered how it would feel to see him attempt to walk, then run, again.  i wondered if i would feel anxious for him to just get it over with (it's never easy to see your child struggle) or if it would be as exciting as the first time he did it.  and i've found that although i am eager for things to get back to "normal", i still feel that exact same immense pride at his accomplishments, maybe even more so than the first time.  he has started running again, although not as quickly and not as steadily as in the past, but i know he will get there soon and seeing the joy in his face as he pumps little legs as quickly as they can go is good enough for me right now.

you can see more fawn shoppe favorites here





all images via my ode to summer pinterest board

remember holden's first ice cream experience here?  well, i am so glad we waited so long to introduce him to his father's beloved food because he is obsessed.  if he could, he would eat ice cream for every meal and he has started saying often that random objects look like ice cream when they clearly do not (he must be daydreaming about it all day long).  we have been making it a fun summertime treat and i think a true ice cream experience would involve a trip to the ice cream truck, but i can't find one anywhere!  a visit to the ice cream truck seems to sum up childhood in the summertime as it holds a certain nostalgia for those carefree, warm summer evenings.  since i haven't been able to find any ice cream trucks in the neighborhood, i've found a few cardboard ones on pinterest (here, here, and here) that i'm thinking about attempting thinking that a cardboard one will probably end up being more fun for holden than the real thing (a quick stop at a moving truck versus hours of fun with mama).




mama's look: white cropped top // midi skirt // white flats // lipstick // ice cream necklace // blue tote

little man's look: t-shirt // shorts // white sneakers // temporary tattoos // scooter

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