The Benesch bunch had a great weekend!! After Dustin being in Dallas for the majority of last week for business, we caught up on some much needed family time. Dustin stayed home on Friday and we took a picnic to the park, enjoying the gorgeous weather after the cold spell. On Saturday we stayed home for most of the day lounging, washing the cars, and playing outside.


Sunday was Holden's first trip to the zoo! After his first nap, we packed up the car and headed to the Oakland zoo. Being used to the San Diego and santa barbara zoos (that have a lot of money, beautiful exhibits, happy animals, and are well maintained) the Oakland zoo was a bit disappointing for Dustin and I. The Oakland zoo was what you would expect: poor and not very well maintained. The zoo wasn't very large - I actually wore heels and managed to trek around to every exhibit without complaining - and the animals seemed really depressed. Maybe it was because it was winter (although it was a warm 70 that day), but they all seemed extremely lethargic and sad. All animals that is except for the chimpanzees who were going crazy, screeching and slamming their bodies up against the glass where we were all standing watching them. A zoo employee said that there was a power struggle going on between two of the male chimps, but it was heartbreaking to watch because you got the feeling that all of the people were making them anxious and that their enclosure was too small for them to escape all of the inquisitive eyes. Thankfully he was asleep for the chimp exhibit otherwise he would have been terrified. I was even scared. Although you logically know they are enclosed, I kept imagining them escaping and ripping my head off.

Of course holden didnt notice all of this and seemed to enjoy being outside the entire day. Most of the animals were pretty far away so it was hard for holden to see them. There was also a petting zoo within the zoo which I thought Holden would love, but he started crying when he saw the goat. Regardless of the fact that the zoo wasn't the best zoo we have been to, it was definitely a memorable experience and we managed to take some great photos.

Mommy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, Mommy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow, We can stay all day. We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, How about you, you, you? You can come too, too, too, We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. Look at all the monkeys swingin' in the tree, Swingin in the trees, swingin' in the trees, Look at all the monkeys swingin' in the trees, We can stay all day. ~Raffi