two firsts happened today which i would prefer to forget versus remember: your first poop after starting solids and your first vomit.

the poop happened at 5:30 AM this morning after working on it all night long. it was disgusting. it was real poop. No longer baby, no smell, easy to clean poop. Nope, this stuff was what you think of when you say the word poop. I much prefer breastfed poop. I won't go into much more detail, but this first has made me reconsider my decision to start solids before 6 months. I know you loved the bananas, but were they worth 4 days of digesting and 12 hours of pushing? I didn't think so.

The second first today was vomiting. It was heartbreaking. You didn't want to go down for your nap, but you were exhausted. As I rocked you, you fussed, tried to bite everything, and refused to nurse. This was so unlike you and I was confused. Was it your teeth (you were nawing on everything)? Did you want to stay up and play (we were having fun)? I decided to take you out of the room and have some quiet playtime for another 15-20 minutes. Then I brought you back in and started rocking you. All of a sudden you started gagging and then you vomited. A lot. It happened one more time before I really got what was happening and by that time I was soaked in vomit. I was so worried about you, but you were so happy afterwards. You must have felt much better...all you needed was to get it out of your system. After a quick bath (for both of us), you immediately passed out.
Phew! It's only 10 AM and it's already been an eventful day! No one ever said a mothers job was glamorous (at least for some of the time).