To our Golden Boy,

Happy half year (6 month) birthday!  What a wonderful world you have created for us.  It's still unbelievable that you have been in our lives for half of a year.  It seems like just yesterday that we were driving home from the hospital filled with apprehension and excitement to bring our new baby home with us, and now suddenly in what seems like a complete blur we are here today with a six month old baby who has personality, lets us know what he likes and dislikes, and is becoming his own little person.
We are so proud of you (daddy can't stop saying that tonight). Daddy says he feels like you're becoming a man and I know exactly what he means.  We are just filled with pride at all of your hard work and accomplishments so far in life. Although I have a love-hate relationship with your growth and development (I don't want to lose my little baby to a boy and then a man), I can't help but boast about the fact that you're hitting all of the 7 and 8 month milestones. You really are a very smart and  bright boy.
We could never have imagined a love like this.  I once read this quote that "Having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body" and I can't even begin to explain how true that statement is.   You own my heart.  No one could have prepared us for how you would utterly and completely fill our lives with joy, happiness, and love.  We live for your smiles and your laughs.You are an extremely handsome and happy little guy.  People are constantly commenting on your model looks and brilliant blue eyes.  You have a serious side and a silly side.  At times you smile at every stranger on the street, but other times are very thoughtful and serious when meeting new people.  I wonder if you're shy as you stare pensively at a stranger saying hello, but then you love the attention that the old lady across the restaurant is giving to you, so maybe you have a shy side and an outgoing side at the same time.  At Gymboree, you always love being the center of attention - smiling, making excited squeals, and enjoying everyone flaunting over you.  It's funny because the teachers always spend extra time on you with each activity because you enjoy it so much and let everyone in class know.

These days our time is spent like this:

6:30 AM  You wake up and talk to yourself, batting me and daddy in the face as your try to wake us. 7:00 AM  I wake up with you (during the week and daddy gets up in the weekend) and we go out to the living room to play. 8:00 AM  We both take a nap. 9:00 AM  You wake up and we play around the house. 11:00 AM We take Tobi for a walk and you fall asleep in the carrier. 12:00 PM We head out for the day and go to playgroup, music class, Gymboree, lunch with our mommy and baby friends, park, errands, hang with grandma, etc. 3:00 PM You take a nap. 5:00 PM Begin bedtime routine of dinner, bath, crazy play, and rockabye.

We always seem to have something fun to do every day and I love having you as my constant companion.  What I love most is that now when I reach for you, you reach for me.  Seeing you lift your arms up to me asking to be picked up or watching you lean out of someone else's arms with your arms outstretched towards me, melts my heart every time.  It's almost as if you're actually saying "mommy, mommy".

You are very inquisitive and are all over the place these days! You want to be everywhere at once.  You're not crawling per se, but you are literally leaping (like a little frog) in different directions (and face planting).  You haven't rolled over very much (5 times total), but you're moving in every direction.  If we are holding you, you will lean over trying to get onto the ground.  If you're sitting on the ground, you will leap towards something across the room.  It's getting harder to get things done around the house now because I can't take my hands off of you.  You are definitely a rough and tumble kind of kid, curious about everything and willing to take risks to explore those curiosities.  Nothing holds your interest for very long because you always seem to discover something newer and more exciting after a few moments. You want to touch, feel, rip, shred, pull, and eat everything in sight (I'm starting to think of you as my little demolition expert).  We have to warn people to not let you grab their faces and hair because you will hold on and not let go.    You like to pinch and grab our cheeks, noses, chins, or really anywhere on our faces, and I can't get your nails short enough where they don't feel like sharpened claws. Grandma calls you the wild child.  I left you with her one time when I went to run down the store and she looked like she had been through a tornado - her hair was astray, her glasses crooked, and she was exhausted.

You love being outside during the day and as the weather gets nicer, I can't wait to spend more and more of our time together enjoying and exploring the outdoors.  Sometimes when you fall asleep in the carrier, I spend the entire time sitting outside as you nap which always results in your longest naps. I've often considered putting you to sleep outside because the fresh air seems to extend your naps by an hour, but haven't quite figured that out since you're too curious about everything around you to fall asleep in the midst of it all.  We spend a lot of time at the park because swinging is one of your favorite things to do.  Although you hated the baby "swing" that we got when you were first born, you absolutely love being in the swings at the park whether its the small swing on your own or you're cuddled on mommy's lap in the big swing.

The two newest things you are doing are sucking your thumb and sucking in your bottom lip.  You are also constantly talking and discovering new sounds each day. You say mama and baba...no dada yet, but he practices with you every single day.  Every day brings something new!  Soon you'll be a walking, talking little boy.

Close to bedtime, you get into this crazy, wired state (am I waiting until you're overtired?) where you giggle, laugh, squeal, and leap all over the bed.  Your daddy will rush home from work each night, praying that he doesn't miss the wild child.  And even if we're reading a book or starting to rockabye, daddy can't resist starting a game of peek-a-boo and getting you rewired so he can elicit that electric smile that melts our hearts.

Life with you is bliss.  Pure bliss.


Mommy + Daddy

You love:Sitting up Peek-a-boo Pears Water (oh how you love water!) The swing Gymboree Bubbles Carrier Falling asleep in the swing Tobi Watching older kids at the park Being with mommy

You don't love:

Tummy time Apples (or at least the tart one we tried to force feed you) Naps Being away from mommy The car seat