(Baby Gap onsie, H&M pants)

We were giddy today. I blame our happy delirium state on the absurdity of summer's appearance in the middle of winter's transition into spring. I was made aware that just as quickly as this summer oasis appeared it is going to disappear before tomorrow morning, fading back into winter dulldom overnight so that when we wake, we'll believe that we dreamed the entire thing.  We used this as an excuse to avoid the inside all together and sought out a terrace for lunching, enjoyed a tall glass of iced lemonade, felt the grass between our bare toes, made friends at the park, smelled bbq in the air and decided to partake ourselves, and left the screen doors open into the late evening.

Free from heavy jackets, hats, closed-toed shoes, and the weight of winter entirely, we were liberated, feeling both whimsical and reckless.  I gallivanted around braless and bare-toed in a thin, Diesel, t-shirt dress and Holden managed to wear the majority of his summer wardrobe in the span of 5 hours.  We spotted these pants on our latest H&M run and made a beeline for them as soon as the salmon color entered my peripheral vision.  I cuffed the bottoms which immediately resulted in summer perfection, knowing they will be a recurring theme in Holden's attire for the next couple of months.