(Sweet Peanut onesie)

I am always on the hunt for adorable one pieces. I love them on H. They somehow preserve his littleness, freezing his time as a baby where he looks like the baby that he is unlike the majority of his closet that instead disguise him as a little man. And its always easier to throw one item as a change of clothes into the diaper bag versus an entire outfit of onesie, pants, and shirt. There are so many things that I love about this piece - pure simplicity, supreme comfort, passable as pajamas but actually looks like it's meant to be worn out of the house, and one of those easy things to throw on on a warm afternoon.  Made out of a stretchy cotton fabric, it's like zipping into a second skin.  Glad that it's finally been able to make a solo appearance without the abundance of layers that have been accompanying it for the last couple of months which kind of took away from the simplicity of the entire thing.  Can't seem to stray away from horizontal stripes when it comes to baby boy clothes, but we're obviously not having any trouble integrating them into Holden's wardrobe.