after a rainy saturday, the skies turned blue and we headed to the alameda flea market.  it was holden's first flea market.  we wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles for hours, window shopping and people watching, until our feet hurt and we couldn't walk another step.  the only thing i was dying to have was a beautiful retro sideboard that was being carted home by someone else when we walked in so we left with a metal H for holden's nursery and that's it.  when we got home we realized it was already holden's bedtime, but with the weather moderately warm, the sun still hanging high in the sky, and the three of us all together, we found it hard to part with our little man for the night and spent another hour trying to elude the inevitable.  we were infected by that school's out for summer vibe, possibly an automatic by-product of daylight savings.  you know that inescapable happy-go-lucky feeling reminding you of an era when you were young, wild, and carefree with no consequences and no boundaries.  we are having so much fun with holden.  we keep thinking that this is the best it can get, but it keeps getting better and better.