a baby with a cold is a miserable baby.  helping holden feel better and recover as quickly as possible is my top priority right now.  these are some of the things in my arsenal at the moment that i am using to battle this cold.
1. run a humidifier all night // 2. clear out his nose with babyganics lets boogie nasal saline drops // 3. drop california baby cold and flu drops into the humidifier // 4. a get well balloon provides hours of entertainment // 5. cool his fevers with the owl cool calm press // 6. use california baby cold and flu bubble bath to soothe him before bed  // 7. coat his chest with nature's baby organics ah-choo chest rub  // 8. suck the boogies out with nosefrida // 9. clean and sanitize toys with dapple natural toy cleaner to prevent the infection spreading // 10. sleeping on the nap nanny allows him to easily rest at an incline