mama wore: target dress, jcrew sweater, zara leggings, jessica simpson boots. 
baby wore: h&m top and pants.

with gray skies and illness hanging over us, we have been feeling cooped up and stir crazy and a little lonely and isolated, restrained within the four walls of our home.  i never realized that getting sick when you have a baby means that you are banned from all activities with other babies which has severely limited our interactions with other people.  despite still not feeling well (a week and a half later) we managed to escape from our confine for the day, in between the scattered showers, getting out of the house for the first time in what feels like forever and running a few errands.  in the hopes of overcoming all of our dismalality, i opted for some bright stripes for both holden and i, and the universe seemed to acknowledge this, the sun peeking through the clouds just as we left the house even if it was only for a brief millisecond.  hoping that we are back to 100% next week and can resume our normal weekly routine of activities.