mama wore: f21 maxi dress, h&m sweater, chewbeads necklace, havaianias flip flops; dada wore: volcom tshirt, lrg jeans, rainbow sandals; little man wore: quiksilver tshirt, h&m jeans, zara hat

this weekend brought sunshine and heat...finally some warmish weather.  there's something about warmth that elicits good feelings, lightened spirits, and a renewed vehemence for life and all of those things that you never got around to doing.  we spent the majority of our time averting indoors at all costs, frittering away time without a care, believing that the sun would remain in the sky forever, daylights savings finally making sense now that we could actually enjoy the lengthened evenings.  we celebrated with flip flops, bare feet in long grass that tickled all the way up holden's chubby thighs, blanket-laying under the shade of a giant tree perfect for climbing, napping under an umbrella for every reason other than precipitation, picnic sandwiches from our favorite deli, holding hands at every chance, and a mini earth day concert at the zoo, all the while enjoying the sun on our backs and daydreaming about the future.