the weekend was hot, toasty, and wonderful.  over the span of a night, the heat index skyrocketed and we went from light jackets with a slight chill to wearing nothing at all and still sweating.
on saturday, we packed a picnic and headed to east beach where holden could play in the sand and the surf under the majestic golden gate bridge.  as we packed up, we realized how unprepared we were for the summer, stopping to buy holden a bathing suit, rash guard, and giant sun hat on the way to the beach.  we discussed purchasing a large outdoor blanket so we could enjoy our food without granules of sand in it and a canopy to shield holden's gorgeous, milk-white skin from the sun's harmful rays, but decided we would get that in time for our next summer outing and brought a quilt from holden's crib and our big rain umbrella as a stand-in.  big mistake.  despite being mostly calm everywhere else in the city, the san francisco wind was whipping through the beach in large gusts and there was no way the umbrella was staying in the sand which meant that dustin had to hold it upright over us the entire time.  the small quilt we bought as a makeshift beach blanket was too tiny for all four of us (tobi included) and so we sat on top of each other, huddling together, trying to relax as the wind constantly whipped the umbrella out of our hands and sand onto our blanket.
as dustin attempted to eat his sandwich, i held holden's hands as we walked across the sand to the ocean.  despite the frigid temperature, holden repeatedly stepped into the waves that rushed up on shore, letting his feet sink into the wet sand, squeezing the sand between each little toe, and loving every minute.  holden's first time in the ocean.
after only a short while at the beach, we were frustrated with the wind and not enjoying ourselves, so we walked up to fort mason where we met hundreds of others who were out enjoying the once-a-year-80-degree weather that san francisco has to offer.  it was so packed that it looked like there was some sort of outdoor concert going on.  we hung out with friends, enjoyed some adult beverages, and let holden get spoiled with attention.