i had such grand plans for memorial day weekend.  i envisioned our first family vacation on a sandy beach somewhere, splashing around in the waves clad in a tropical-coachella-inspired-bikini and a pair of elton-john-esque sunglasses , the little man tottering around in boardshorts that reach his ankles with a bucket and shovel in hand, the hubby on a board, and the smell of barbeque in the air.

but then, in what seems to be a reoccurring theme that i'll blame on mama brain, i realized that memorial day weekend was only a week away (seriously where does the time go?!).  since planning this ideal baja californian vacation in a week was obviously out of the question, i decided we would go camping somewhere along the coast because that seems like something you do with a little boy.   but apparently memorial day is the camping weekend and apparently this summer is turning out to be the largest camping season in california history so finding a campsite within a week of memorial day was impossible.

saturday morning we woke up to dark, gray clouds and a slight drizzel and i was happy we were unable to find a camp site.  despite the weather, i had my heart set on enjoying the beach and i wasn't going to let anything deter me.  isn't memorial day the unofficial, official kick-off to summer?  isn't the weekend supposed to be about spending time in the sun, being by a large body of water, barbeques, and other summerish activities?  i was determined to have my summer weekend with my family.  so we dressed in beach attire warm jackets, hats, and boots and headed to half moon bay.  although, cloudy, overcast, and slightly chilly, there is nothing i love more than being by the ocean.  people were still out in throngs, barbequing on the beach, playing volleyball in the sand, splashing in the water, and surfing the waves, despite the cool wind and low temperature.

although my memorial day didn't turn out to be the tropical beach paradise i envisioned, holden loved playing in the sand and dipping his feet in the surf and there is nothing i enjoy more than spending three days with both of my boys.