holden has been a bit fussy and extremely clingy over the past couple of days.  his top two front teeth are slowly making their way down through his gums, his left one now almost a full tooth, so at the moment i'm attributing this behavior to these new teeth moving in, or it could be the nine-month-old-mama-attachment phase.  he has always been quite the mama's boy, but the past few days he has taken it to a whole new level.  while i'm obviously obsessed when his tiny arms wrap around my neck, his fingers becoming intertwined in my hair, and his face pressing against mine so firmly that it's impossible to turn my head, it's also exhausting!   he does not want to be anywhere except in my arms which he makes known by straight-legging me when i try to sit him somewhere and clinging onto me as if his life depended on it.  the few times i have been able to pry his hands off of me, he won't be on the floor for more than a second before he is climbing up my leg, begging me to pick him up.  and there is no chance that he will let anyone else hold him, even if i'm standing an inch away.  he starts crying, reaching for me, and giving me a "maaaamaaaa!" look.  he won't even go to dustin right now which is slightly heartbreaking. has anyone else experienced this?