mama wore: fire los angeles jumpsuit, vintage belt, target wedges; alimonada wrap bracelet.  little man wore: pearls & popcorn button-up, nordstrom onesie, h&m pants, zara shoes

it's amazing how content holden is doing just about anything in the world as long as he is with the people he loves.  his childlike wonder at the most mundane fascinates me to no end.  as we sat in a large field, letting holden (and our dogs) roam freely, my friend said to me, "holden is happy to do just about anything.  he doesn't seem to get bored because he finds entertainment in the smallest things.  imagine when he's 10 and complains about the activities that you take him to.  no, i don't want to go to the park.  why do we suddenly get bored with life?"  and it made me wonder...why do we lose that gratification and serenity in the small things? why does the world suddenly become boring, no activity amusing or pleasurable enough?  for holden, the wind whispering in the trees, a sharp blade of grass between his toes, the uneven stones and pebbles that make up the pavement he's teetering on, the bright yellow dandelion popping out amongst a sea of green is enough.  he enjoys each and every moment.  content to just be in this world.  so yesterday, as holden prowled the open green, i laid back under an ocean of blue watching the clouds drift by, the sun's rays warming my soul, and the grass tickling my skin, and i enjoyed the moment.