mama wore: target shirt, reiss skirt, steve madden sandals; little man wore: target tanks and shorts

before holden arrived, i didn't know..

that i would have to wear my hair up almost all of the time due to his obsession with tugging, pulling, ripping, and eating it

that i would grow little tufts of baby hairs all along my hairline making wearing it up impossible

that all of my outfits would need to be breastfeeding-friendly

that my accessories would need to be babyproofed

that giant sunglasses and under eye concealer would become my new best friends

that i would have a hard time finding any time to workout

that i would not sleep through the night for months on end (i mean, i knew, but i didn't really know)

that daytime naps would become a regular

that my car would constantly look as though a bomb exploded in it despite a constant effort to keep it clean

that there would be a never ending cycle of laundry that seemingly never got past the folded-in-a-basket state

that none of these things that mattered to me so much before holden arrived wouldn't mean a thing

take note mamas-to-be, you will have to contend with all of these things and maybe you can at least prepare some sort of plan of attack beforehand