i love these two.

we always have such grand plans for the weekend, attempting to spend the few days we have together as a whole, exploring the city and beyond, rarely wanting to waste these few precious moments together sitting at home.  however this weekend held different plans. holden woke up on saturday morning with a fever that remained persistent, still present at this moment.  he was sweaty, hot, and miserable, refusing to part from me for a single second, clinging on like a baby koala.  he was up most of saturday night and dustin and i emerged sunday morning zombie-like, stumbling around in something similar to holden's feverish delirium.  so this unexpected illness forcefully wrangled us into a house arrest of sorts, and after what feels like months on end of go, go, go, we did nothing.  we read a million books, snuggled on the couch, jumped on the bed, made stuffed animals talk to one another (of which holden attempted to cute!), and were content.  i think this is just what we needed.