at night, when deep slumber arrests holden for a few hours relinquishing all parental duties, dustin and i relish in the few moments of zero responsibility in each other's company.  nightfall brings out a certain silliness in us (although we're kind of silly all of the time) where we forget that just a few moments ago we were complaining that we were tired and making the plan to go to bed early, a plan that will inevitably fail as it does every night.  we like to think it's our witching hour where a renewed energy and hyperness overtake us and everything is funny and nothing is too serious.  and then when we've worn ourselves out with all of our chasing, running, jumping, dancing, tickling, and giggling, we creep quietly into the room and we lay down in bed next to the child that we made (which still boggles our minds) and we sit and stare at him, wondering at the amazing being that he is and commenting in hushed whispers at how big he is already.  he's going to be a real person someday we say to one another, although in looking at our tiny son curled up at our sides neither of us truly believes it. oh how i love this little family of mine.