mama wore: bcbg dress (found at marshalls), steve madden sandals, h&m sunglasses.

little man wore: random t-shirt, h&m shorts, etsy shoes

i was right last week when i anticipated that holden was getting new teeth.  the two teeth on either side of his front two teeth arrived last thursday and we finally started getting some sleep over the weekend.  thank goodness!  i completely forgot what it was like to go without sleep, how it causes a heavy fog to settle over your mind making it hard to function or remember anything.  the type of complete sleep deprivation that makes it a struggle to leave the house, put makeup on, or get dressed for the day.  it's times like these that you need dresses like this.  with seemingly no silhoutte, it was the perfect option when all i felt like wearing was yoga pants and a giant t-shirt.  an over-sized, loose-fitting, silk t-shirt-like dress is the perfect option when pulling something over your head and throwing on giant sunglasses is the only thing you're capable of before walking out the door.  i think every mama needs a few pajama-like options that are suitable for public viewing.  oh, and i've decided that every little man should have an arsenal of hats and shoes.  they make everything a million times cuter.