over the weekend we headed to muir beach.  the ocean is constantly calling to us and dustin found a hike along the coastal hills that led to a private cove with a beach and it seemed like the perfect getaway without having to go too far.  after a 2 mile hike in the hills, we let holden go wild in the sand and i swear i've never seen him so happy.  he dug in the sand, climbed the rocks, splashed in the waves, and radiated pure joy the entire day.  instead of heading home for the evening, we grabbed tacos at a local taco shop and then explored the neighborhoods, walking hand in hand, attempting to put holden to sleep before the long drive home (he refuses to fall asleep in the car).  there's somewhat of a socal vibe to the area, a little beach-bumminess to the whole place and it felt like us.  i think we're ready to pack up and move.