scenes from today

i have a little wild child.  recently, holden has had out of control energy, curiousity, and just pure boyish rambunctiousness and i can barely keep up with him.  he just does. not. slow. down. a second with my eye off of him or a second with him out of arms reach means that holden has climbed into the dishwasher and is reaching for the knives, stuffing dog kibble into his mouth as fast as he can and gleefully splashing the dog's water all over the kitchen floor, grabbing handfuls of ash out of the fire place and throwing it onto the carpet, or pulling dustin's xbox 360 out of the media console and attempting to use it as a step laddar.  currently, everything that gets into his hands is used as a drum stick as he bounces to the beat or is thrown clear across the room so he can crawl or walk at lightning speed to grab it.  we've always called him the wild man, but his newest nickname is bam bam.  today was just one of those days where holden was into everything he wasn't supposed to be into and i couldn't get a single thing done.  after putting him to bed tonight, i walked out, surveyed the damage, and instead of cleaning up, i poured myself a glass of wine and sank into the couch.  oh how i love this crazy, non-stop, beautiful ride of motherhood.