i initially "met" jessica via instagram where i was then introduced to her blog and i'm pretty sure it was love at first sight.  the photography immediately sucked me in, somehow reminiscent of a simpler time when neighborhood kids played in the streets and parents mingled over cool drinks and the guitar.  house of habit shares beautiful, hazy, dreamlike photos depicting the glamorous life of modern day hippies instilling a desire to wander and never look back.  jessica is mama to three young boys and is truly the epitomy of california effortless cool.  her blog follows her and the four men in her life, a barefoot, wanderlusting family who spend their days in an old rv exploring the california coast and countryside, the dusty desert mountains as their backdrop.   i seriously think that her romantic images of rvs parked on the sand are the specific reason for my sudden change of heart in thinking that camping is now cool and my desire to purchase an old vw van, pack up my little family, and take off down highway 1.  in addition to being the matriarch to a family brimming with testosterone, jessica and her man own an etsy shop, house inhabit, that sells these amazing teepees and the most beautifully handcrafted furniture that i have ever seen.  if you aren't following jessica, her cute little family, and her beautiful life, than you seriously need to be.  house of habit is a blog that you can't afford to miss.

you can read why i started this follow friday series here

the full interview with jessica from house in habit below: 

What are 5-10 things you are loving at the moment?

the perfect summer accent bangle // the most divine of all eames chairs. in my own opinion. // thinking these balance bikes would make a great gift for one of the boy's birthdays this year. // perfect go-to tote for weekly errands. // seems these jeans might be the best way to welcome fall. // the absolute cutest play house I've seen. Something I know my youngest would adore. // these boots are a little loud for me but I'm obsessed and might have to splurge, at some point soon. // I am so in love with the worn texture and muted colors in this rug. Out of my price range, but fun to fantasize about. // Fiona's new album. She takes years to put new stuff out, but the records always prove well worth the wait.

What are 3 things you have been up to lately? 

Working on the house (that never changes), camping at the beach, and trying our hardest to get our children's shop up and running by fall.  It's going to be pretty tough.

What is your idea of happiness? 

A simple weekend away, with the RV parked on the sand with the boys.  Those are the days when everyone in our family is happiest.

What is your motto?

"Let the cards fall where they may"

What do you consider to be the greatest invention for mothers?

Hmm, for modern moms I might say the iphone because we get to carry around this tiny little gadget, documenting our lives and incredible milestones that happen daily. I love making imovies of the boys, so the filming options alone are a dream come true. And instagram is pretty fun as well!

What is the one thing you couldn't live without during your pregnancies?

Green olives, salt and vinegar potato chips, and chocolate milkshakes.

What is your favorite resource for children's clothes?

A good portion of their clothing is thrifted, but I also pick up things here and there at Target, H&M, and American Apparel for the basics. I also just recently came across the European brand NEXT for cute, decently priced tees. I tend to buy Arlo (my oldest) nicer quality pieces because I know they will be passed down and worn by his brothers, so I can justify spending a bit more on those items.

What are your top 3 decorating tips?

Old books and records stacked anywhere, white curtains, wood shelves, bold pillows for texture and color, and vintage lamps and pottery to help keep it interesting. I'm still trying to figure out my own home decor, but these are a few things I always adhere to when sorting through ideas.

What is one item that every woman/mother should have in her home (decor or otherwise)?

Fresh flowers

What is the hottest selling item in your shop?

Oh, the teepees! They're hot right now and naturally so. I mean, who didn't dream of having a teepee around as a kid?  It's the perfect childhood escape.

What's your advice to other parents looking to start a family business?

Find something you are passionate about and willing to devout most of your "extra" hours to.  I struggle constantly to balance playtime with business, to keep things on both ends fairly organized and some days it's really hard for me. I am not a particularly organized person, but it's the first time my husband and I have been able to combine our creative efforts so we find it very rewarding in spite of the trials it entails. Plus the fact that is provides extra income has helped tremendously.

What are your top 3 blogs to follow?

For family reads I really enjoy bleubird vintage because her posts about home life and child rearing are asthetically pleasing, but also feel honest and real as far as I can tell. Some of the personal blogs I've come across can feel too proppy and forced which turns me off. A healthy does of reality is always refreshing as far as family blogs go.

I also adore ledansla because the photos are gorgeous and her home is incredible, very artfully maintained, and a source of consistent inspiration for me. Plus, I just found an option to translate the French text, so now I can actually read what she's saying!

For home ideas I stick to Morgan at the brick house.  She has awesome DIY's, hilarious quips and downright handsome home decor. I admire just about everything she does as far as home decor goes and she makes me laugh along the way.

What are 3 things in your purse 24/7? 

Tons of crumpled reciepts, hot wheels, and rose bud salve.

What's your favorite way to unwind at the end of each day?

On a Friday it's usually a netflix movie with a salty snack and a cold beer. We don't go anywhere most Fridays so Mike and I look forward to having one evening where we get to slow down and relax, catch up on the whatever program it is we are invested in at the moment and mentally prepare ourselves for the weekend ahead.

What is one talent you wish you had?

Cooking, the kind where you nix recipes and just toss things around in the kitchen and have them turn out delicious. It's just not my thing. . .

Any other things you’d like to add?

Yes. I stay up too late. And I'm exhausted. right now :)